This privacy policy explains how applies to the information about the user that can be gotten during using Skype-Bot “”.



1.1 Relations associated with collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information about users by Skype-bot “” are governed by this Policy, other official documents “” and the current legislation of Ukraine

1.2 Skype-bot “” usage means the user agreement to this Privacy policy . In case of disagreement with this Privacy Policy, the user have to stop using the Skype-bot “”.

1.3 This Privacy Policy is an open and public document.

1.4 The current version of the Privacy Policy posted on the Internet and has a permanent address — .



2.1 Skype-bot “” is a bot or program using which company managers make dialogs with users. All questions are answered at any time by a person – an employee of “”. 

2.2 “” is able to get the information about the user during the Skype-bot “” usage.



3.1 employees carry out the processing of the users information including their personal data in order to fulfill their responsibilities on technical support under contracts with users, and only in those amounts that are necessary for this.

3.2 This information may include the following information: user`s surname, first name, initials, hisposition, the number of his personal and work phones, photography, place of work, the user’s Skype name and other information that the user sends through Skype-bot “”.


4.1 Personal data of users are stored exclusively on electronic media and processed using automated systems.

4.2 “” It does not convey explicit and implicit personal data of users to any third persons, except as described in paragraphs 4.3 and 4.5 of this document.

4.3 In addition to “”, Microsoft may have access to some information about the user due to the fact that the Skype bot “” is based on Microsoft products, and Skype is the property of the corporation, and Microsoft uses data transmitted through these programs for their own purposes. More information about the Microsoft Privacy Policy you can find at the following link

4.4 Providing users’ personal data at the request of state bodies (local government) is carried out in the manner prescribed by Law.

4.5 User personal data is destroyed in case when the user deletes his data from the Skype program by himself.

4.6 “” company is not responsible for access to Skype bot“ ” user information , which due to the nature of the Internet may be available to any other Internet user (for example, when the user has posted his Skype profile data freely available on third-party Internet resources).


5.2 All correspondence sent by users to the “” address is perceived by “” as restricted information and can be published only with the written consent of the user. Email addresses, personal data and other information about the users cannot to be used without their special agreement otherwise than to answer on the subject of the received letters.

“” reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy, without obligation to notify end users.