We’ve made 100 WordPress  + SERP.farm plugin sites with  approx 42 000 posts each (US cities/zip codes database). And tested how on-page factors impact on rankings.  Everything was perfect until mid of May (approx 12th May).

But since 12th of May only 820 pages were indexed by Google for the first 50 sites (in 29 days) vs 4240 sites (in 3 days) between 10th of May and 12th of May . Looks like Google added some indexing filter for new .us domains…

Total indexed 240 004 pages. 113 sites.  First site (townwe.us) i’ve added to see how my old .com test is indexing is compared to the new .us sites.

Here is a list of sites that i’ve created and what type of content i’ve used. The best performers were sites with block spintax with up to 11 000 pages indexed per site.


I’ll add more information here when analyze the results.

google indexing test

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