What does this plugin do?

This small plugin updates dates on every page/post of your site.


We’ve released v2.0 of this plugin. It’s more advanced and has lots of new interesting features like schema markup and option to set the amount of pages to update daily.

How it will help you to get better rankings?

There is an article about “Google Freshness” factor written at Moz.com that will describe better how important this factor.

Simply saying sites with fresh dates get a chance to rank higher. So if you have for example a mass generated site(not SERP.farm site) this plugin will update all dates at all your pages/posts.

BTW this feature is already integrated in our mass page generator plugin.

Why it’s free?

There is a lot of hype about date refresh WordPress plugins. It’s a simple easy to do plugin. So we decided to make a FREE one for you.

So tell about it to others and get your download link for FREE.

And special thanks to Alexander Read for feedback and feature ideas!

Do you create mass generated sites?

Post/pages refresh feature is already built-in into SERP.farm plugin 😉

SERP.farm is a fastest and lightest WordPress mass page/post generator plugin!

The main differences between other plugins are:

– generation speed. It generates sites in less than a second
– size. No matter how big is your generated site 10 000 or 1 000 000 posts/page it will take approx 90 mb of disk space
– hosting. No need to rent expensive powerful servers to generate and move content to your site. You just install it on your site and in one click your site is generated. You can use it on any hosting that supports WordPress
– edit. All your edits go live immediately. If you make a mistake or want to change the text – you can do that in one second.

Fore more information about our mass page generator plugin checkout

Here is a blog post that will show how powerful our plugin How to generate 1 million of posts less than a second with SERP.farm


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