I’ve started to do SEO tests in November 2016 to see what methods work and what doesn’t.

Till the mid of 2016 you could copy the text from any source add your {city}, {state}, {zip} tags, click generate, send to indexer (or even leave it as it is) and in several weeks you have 24k pages in Google index that send you a traffic.

Since September 2016 everything has changed. You can’t use the same content thousands times anymore.

Let’s compare two test sites:
– zonartab.us
– zebach.us

Zonartab.us has in index 300+ pages in index

Zebach.us has in index 16 000+ pages in index



Sites were registered in different time but based on my previous tests with indexing SERP.farm sites if you have less than 500 pages in index in three weeks – you’ll not have more than 1000 pages in index in 3 months.

Here is my steps to create sites that index and rank for long tails in Google now.

Step 1. Create a content

Find the content you would like to use on your sites in Google. You’ll need 5 – 6 sources for content.

For example here is search results for “opiate and opioid withdrawal” keyword

Make one big article by copying the paragraphs from 5-6 sources you’ve found.


In Visual editor mode Insert paragraphs texts from different sources into your SERP.farm post template. Try to mix paragraphs so you have 1st form one source, second from another and etc. Ideally is to have like 15-25 paragraphs per article.

Now you have a text merged from different sources.

Step 2. Block spinning

Note: You can just spin it in you favorite spinner or add extra level of uniqueness by adding new blocks. If you do not want to split texts by blocks skip this step and scroll down to the spinning steps.

What block spinning does?

with block spinning you can randomly mix blocks and randomly show them in content so your site content will look more unique for the Google. Some pages will have 700 words some 1400, some 2000 words. Paragraphs on pages will be mixed and do not look similar from page to page.

Go to Text mode and add #block# tag to the beginning of each paragraph and add clothing #/block# tag to the end of paragraph. Add inside of block with paragraph heading titles.

Your text marked by block tags will look like this:


Extra things to add in the blocks

  • add in 2-3 blocks images
  • add in 2-3 blocks bullet lists
  • add in 2-3 blocks with listings

If you generate national sites or local sites you can add {city}, {zip} and {state} tags.

Now set the minimal and maximum amount of blocks to show&mix in content.


Add title to the post with SERP.farm tags. In my example i’ve used {city} and {stateshort} tags. So Post Title text looks like “List of plumbers that work around {city} {state}. {skills}. {type}”.


Scroll down to the Slug block. Check if the post slug template is set correctly and has the same SERP.farm tags as Post title.

Note: To find out how to use tags checkout How to generate 1 million of posts less than a second with SERP.farm post. To read more about tags that you can use in title checkout SERP.Farm features list post

Click “Update” the post or “Publish” if it’s a new post.

Take a look at your site. I usually visit the /sitemapindex.xml page and click on several posts to see how pages look like.

So go to your sitemapindex.xml file:


Click on generated posts to see how they look like.


For example here is how my post will look like:



Step 3. Spintax

If you’ll leave your post without spintax there is a chance that google will treat your content as duplicate.

I use Spinrewriter.com to create spintax from the texts.

1. Go to the Text mode and copy all text you’ve created.
2. Paste into your spin rewriter service and generate spintax.
3. Paste in the Text Mode your generated text.

Note: SpinRewriter replaces “#block#” to “#block #.” So if you used #blocks# after you’ve got generated text – replace all “#block #.” to “#block#”. The same with “#/block#” – replace all “#/ block #.” to “#/block#”.

Also you can add block with About Author. Here is an example About Author spintax http://pastebin.com/Y7wPkQR8

One more thing that you can add is a generated companies bullet lists. I’ve created a company spintax. For every company in the listing it will look like http://pastebin.com/prJg9ytH

Step 4. Index

Do you want to see any magic here? 🙂

No magic. There are two ways to submit links:

1. Submit 1000-2000 pages using LightSpeedIndexer indexer created by Neven or any other indexer you like.
2. Submit links directly to Google via Search Console https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

In the first week your index stats will jump you will see 10 pages than 400 than 10 pages again. Wait, don’t panic. Than amount of indexed pages will start to grow step by step. In 4 weeks you’ll see 5k+ pages indexed and in 8-9 weeks you’ll have 15k pages in index. Indexing a very slow process now… 🙁 I’ll post here soon my indexing tests.

Note: If you decide to submit your site via search console I suggest you to create a fresh Google account and use it for site submissions.

Thats all for today.

Thank you for reading the article and if you still do not have a SERP.farm plugin don’t forget to buy it! 🙂


P.S. I have two affiliate links. If you want to visit SpinRewriter without my affiliate link – use spinrewriter.com address. The same with lightspeedindexer.com



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