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The fastest way to build mass generated sites

Automatically generate millions of pages and posts and get more organic traffic from long tails.


Our plugin can create thousands of pages/posts in seconds depending on where you want to target and how many keywords you want to use.

There are a lot of no competition long term keywords that are easy to rank for in Google.

All you have to do is identify the right keywords, buy a domain and build out your site targeting the area or country you want to rank in.

Once you’ve got rankings, you can then redirect all of your new traffic to your money site.


Why spend hours waiting while the site is generated, moving sites from hosting to hosting?

Focus on making more money instead of wasting your time on waiting or moving the data.

Spintax support

The plugin supports as well Spintax and Nested spintax like {phrase 1|phrase 2|{sub-phrase 1|sub-phrase 2|sub-phrase 3}}.

Block spintax

The block spinning format makes it possible to achieve an astronomically high level of uniqueness and still output perfectly readable articles

Safe Overlay

Extremely powerful and advanced overlay plugin, which is not visible to Google

Advanced SILO structure

Advanced silo structure. You can create any URLs you like and use tags in them. E.g. /{city}/listing-{keyword}/{state}/

Fast Generation

It takes only ONE second to generate a site with any amount of pages


Usually, our plugin with WordPress and database uses 90 MB of disk space.

Images and Videos

Built-in images and videos scraper

Schema Markup

Built-in schema markup tags


We have already added data of 11 countries for you, which include cities, states, and zip code information

Support & updates

We have an outstanding support. We release new plugin updates on a weekly basis with new features based on requests from our community

We have a Skype Group chat and a forum to help you get as much as possible from the mass page generated sites. We make weekly plugin updates based on feedback from the users.

Moreover, to be in the trend of the latest Google updates we’ve created an SEO tests team. It’s a team of 3 people who do only SEO tests and run different SEO journeys that will be published in the forum and blog posts.


Why our plugin is unique?

– generation speed. my plugin generates sites in less than a second
– size. No matter how big is your generated site 10 000 or 1 000 000 posts/pages it will take approx 90 MB of disk space
– hosting. No need to rent expensive powerful servers to generate and move content to your site. You just install it on your site and site generates in one click.
– edit. All your edits go live immediately. If you make a mistake or want to change the text – you can do that in one second.


How to Generate Money with SERP.Farm

  • Drive traffic to client’s sites
  • Drive traffic to your own website
  • Lead generation
  • Adsense earnings
  • CPA Offers
  • Build email lists
  • Affiliate sales and income

As a bonus you’ll get 1-year access to SEO tests and journeys area, there will be 1000 websites created in a 6-month period.

  • websites with plugin,
  • ordinary affiliate websites,
  • local websites,
  • and additionally, test websites to check SEO factors.

We will post a detailed description of all the income, expenses, what and how everything had been done.

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- 1000 domains
- works on any WP hosting
- 1-year of support and updates
- 1-year access to VIP forum area with SEO tests and journeys
- Skype Group chat access

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- 30 000 domains
- works on any WP hosting
- a lifetime support and updates
- a lifetime access to VIP forum area with SEO tests and journeys
- Skype Group chat access
- a lifetime access to our SiteManager panel* (that we are launching soon)
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